Kuffel, Hultgrenn, Klashke, Shea & Ellerd, LLP: End of an Era

The KHKSE Team Has Parted Ways Into Two New Law Firms.

After decades of serving the Tri-Cities and surrounding area, we have decided to part ways from our existing firm. We can now be reached at one of the following:


Ellerd, Hultgrenn & Dahlhauser

To reach Heidi Ellerd or Allyson Dahlhauser, please visit their new site at EHDLawyers.com. The duo have partnered with Brian Hultgrenn to provide comprehensive legal services.

Shea Law

Ed Shea Jr. has stepped out on his own as Shea Law. Ed focuses on the practice areas listed on his website, and now operates out of Kennewick.

Tim Klashke

Tim Klashke has joined Ellerd, Hultgrenn & Dahlhauser in an Of Counsel role.