4 Reasons Mediation Works in Divorce

Feb 27, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

If you have disputed issues in your divorce, you will undergo mediation (depending on state/local laws). Here’s a brief look into why courts want your case to go to mediation:

1. Your story, your goals, your chance to be heard.

Before mediation, the mediator has a sound grasp of each party’s priorities and concerns about possible consequences. Each party, in advance, has prepared a mediation statement and sent along the documents necessary to back up their position.

2. Neutral, safe, and casual.

Let’s face it, some couples haven’t had a meaningful and productive encounter with each other since the divorce was filed. Not all parties feel safe or heard when the other party is present. The mediator will spell out conduct expectations. With joint and private meeting space, each party will get a chance to meet privately with the mediator, who then goes back and forth between rooms, listens, and conveys ideas/offers.

3. Agreements can be identified and refined.

It is hard for parties to feel any sense of control during a divorce. Misunderstandings that undermine settlement are often flushed out during mediation. The emotional and financial toll of the divorce process may leave the parties feeling exhausted and buried. Mediation is a chance to realize some control over the eventual outcome. That usually feels pretty good.

4. Trial may not be necessary.

In a court trial, there is a considerable formality, as well as scheduling, that can be impacted by other court business. Trial dates are scheduled well in advance, often calendared well into the next calendar year. Sometimes, trials must be rescheduled at the last minute due to judge assignments or priority trials (criminal). Mediation may keep your case from undergoing court trial.


Mediation has a great success rate for putting clients on the path to resolution. Call us today and ask how one of our experienced, court-approved mediators can help you!

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