Let’s Face It – Family Law is Personal

Jun 30, 2022 | Family Law

Few things in the legal world can get as personal as a family law case. Today, the experienced family law attorney keeps pace with changes in domestic law and court procedures. Key areas where a family law attorney can help you:

“We have a child, but we’re not married.”

Matters of child support and/or residential time for children born to parents who are not married will need a parentage action. A family law attorney will:

Help you respond to (or defend) a parentage action, giving you a realistic view of what to expect and how to proceed.

Be a buffer/point of contact in cases where the parents are not friendly. This is especially valuable when the parents do not have an amicable past or have not built up a level of trust with one another.

Advocate for a suitable residential schedule. If residential time is not agreed upon at the outset, your family law attorney will be your ally as you advocate for appropriate visitation. Needs can vary widely, especially in cases of infants and children who have estranged parents.

“I need a divorce.”

Every marriage has to address the division of property and debts, and that process can be a protracted and stressful one. When children are involved, ordering child support and residential time adds layering to the issues. A family law attorney will:

Help get your divorce filed (or respond to a filing). Chances are, your case will need entry of temporary orders. By seeking legal advice early, you will be prepared to ask for orders that temporarily order the use of the property (house, vehicles), payment of bills, insurance coverage, etc., and get the ball rolling on child residential time and financial support.

Initiate (or respond to) and review discovery requests. The production of documents and answers to questions starts early in the divorce, and it can be quite involved over the pendency of your case. Your family law attorney will also review and analyze information received from the other party. They play a valuable role in holding the other party accountable for the validity of their answers and the documents provided.

Married or not, remember:

When it comes to children, family law expertise goes a long way in addressing the unique needs of your child(ren).

Get the expertise you need to propose a residential schedule that works for you and yours!

You do not have to settle for the same parenting plan that everybody else has. There’s a lot to consider in residential time beyond the day-to-day routines, like holidays, school breaks, extra-curricular activities, religious life, medical decisions, and child financial support.)

Domestic Violence

Anyone in immediate threat of harm (to them or someone in their care) should seek help from law enforcement. A family law attorney is very knowledgeable about issues of domestic abuse and can recommend what to do next. They can help you address domestic abuse in family court.


Expanding family through adoption covers a broad range of considerations. Your family law attorney helps you pursue or defend adoption actions. Your state may aid you with foster family adoption. For private, international, stepparent, or adult adoptions, however, seek the representation of a family law attorney. Look for a well-recommended, experienced family lawyer to navigate you through the process.


Whatever your situation, you don’t have to go through this alone. When you seek legal advice, you are giving yourself the ability to see your situation with fresh, experienced eyes. Find out if your goals are realistic. Ask the tough questions of someone who can answer them.

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