What kind of home should you choose for your kids after divorce?

Sep 12, 2019 | Family Law

When you decided to get a divorce, you knew that your children would have to go through it, too. You knew that you wouldn’t be guaranteed custody, either. Now, you’ve found that you need to assert yourself and show that you’re a good parent, because your estranged spouse is doing their best to make it seem like you aren’t.

One thing to think about carefully is providing the best possible space for your children once you move out of your marital home. If you have to get a new home or apartment, you want to make sure you have space for your children and that it is safe and clean. You don’t have to go beyond what you can afford, and a judge and the courts will be able to see if you’re putting in an effort.

What kinds of housing looks best to the courts?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but you should try to give your children their own space in your post-divorce home. For example, if you can afford a two-bedroom apartment and have two daughters, they could stay in one room while you have another. If you have a son and daughter, it may be more practical to find a three-bedroom apartment, since your daughters and son may want separate living areas.

Any home you choose should be as clean and safe for your children as possible. Even if your kids have to share a bedroom, it’s essential that you show that they have a safe area to live in with all the necessities. Doing this, even if it’s not the perfect home, will show your intention to provide as much as you can for your children after divorce.

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