Closer To Home — A Look At Municipal Law

Aug 30, 2022 | Municipal Law

We are exposed daily to splashy national news and politics, but what do we know about the business of running our local communities?  For many of us, not that much.

Municipalities (cities, towns, counties) provide the governmental framework for running police and other public and educational services, zoning regulations, property taxes, etc. But when you have a concern at the local level, where do you turn?

Ask a municipal law attorney about things like:

Zoning Laws, Code Enforcement, and Land Use…Oh My!

Your city/county has land use ordinances that regulate development in your community. Six main land use areas are identified:  agriculture, residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, and transportation.

Public lands are ruled by federal, state, and local governments. Private lands look to local municipalities for how that land can be used.

Do you want to:

  • Start a dog kennel business on your acreage?
  • Put up a rocking “she shed” in your backyard?
  • Build your multi-story dream home in an existing neighborhood?

A municipal law attorney  “knows the lay of the land,” so to speak. Your municipality has a plan for development in your area. By understanding these policies and regulations, the attorney’s knowledge can be crucial in advising you on their impact.

“But you can’t fight city hall!”

Maybe. Maybe not. The denials of permits, zoning matters, variances, or licenses can trigger you to challenge municipal decisions. With an extensive knowledge of local government, an experienced municipal law lawyer can advise you on the likelihood to prevail in your pursuit, and in some cases, recommend how you might move forward. They can help you decide if, “This is the hill I want to die on!”

“May I see your license, please?”

Although states require most businesses to be licensed at the state level, your city requires you to get a license from them to conduct business. This might seem like licensing overkill, but licensing allows the municipality to monitor its business activities within the city and regulate for public safety. Of course, the revenue collected is nice, too.

“911 – What’s your emergency?”

Most policing that we encounter daily is funded and controlled by local municipalities. While the Department of Justice collects, monitors, and investigates misconduct reported nationally, most issues will be managed locally. A municipal law attorney has an extensive understanding of local policing policies and can advise you when you have a concern about your encounter with law enforcement.


Lawyers who practice municipal law are flexible specialists who know all about local problem-solving. Many have worked for municipalities in some capacity. This rich experience makes them a perfect fit for your concerns. Helping clients reach a satisfactory resolution is what municipal law attorneys are all about. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your questions or other local concerns.

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